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About Us


The Management and Managerial Developments Master program that is totally renewed during 2015-2016 academic year, is a specially designed program that addresses the young enterpreneurs who wish to expand and develop their family-owned business and wish to become a success story not only in domestic but also international markets.

Who Can Join?

  • Those second and third generation managers and candidate managers willing to expand the family-owned enterprises and integrate them to the global environment.
  • The young enterpreneurs that newly set up a business or preparing to start one.

Program Structure and Outcomes

The program emphasizes  innovative perspective, brand creation skills, and “design thinking” which are essential to national and international competitiveness.

Students of this program will pursue different business courses through  case analysis, course descriptions,  real life projects, seminars and group studies.

Students who succesfully complete the program will be equipped with required knowledge and skills that will enable them to transform their initiatives to a global brand.

The courses of MMD program is in English. The program lasts three semesters and is without thesis. 

Program Structure

1st Semester / 1. Yarıyıl

Economics for Business / İşletme için Ekonomi

Design Thinking and Innovation/ Tasarım Aklı ve Yenilikçilik

Introduction to Business / İşletmeye Giriş

Area Elective I / Alan Seçmeli I


2nd Semester / 2. Yarıyıl

Entrepreneurship / Girişimçilik

Area Elective II / Alan Seçmeli II

Area Elective III / Alan Seçmeli III

General Elective I/ Genel Seçmeli I


3rd Semester/3. Yarıyıl

Strategic Management/Stratejik Yönetim

Legal Environment of Business / İşletmenin Yasal Çevresi

Area Elective III / Alan Seçmeli III

General Elective I/ Genel Seçmeli I

Term Project / Dönem Projesi


Area electives /Alan seçmeliler

Accounting and Finance for Managers / Yöneciler için Muhasebe ve Finans

Organizational Behaviour and Theory / Örgütsel Davranış ve Örgüt Teorisi

Organizational Politics and Leadership / Örgütsel Politika ve Liderlik

Marketing for Managers / Yöneticiler için Pazarlama

Lean Operations Management / Yalın İşlemler Yönetimi


General electives/ Genel seçmeliler

Business Communication / İşletme İletişimi

Managing SMEs / Küçük ve Orta Ölçekli İşletmelerin Yönetimi

Project Management / Proje Yönetimi

International Business/ Uluslararası İşletmecilik

Turkish Business Environment / Türk İş Ortamı

Managerial Control  / Yönetimsel Kontrol

Financial Statement Analysis / Finansal Tablo Analizi

Corporate Performance Measurement / Kurumsal Performans Ölçümü

Negotiations and Conflict Management / Müzakere ve Çatışma Yönetimi

Human Resources Management and Development/İnsan Kaynakları Yönetimi ve Geliştirme

Corporate Governance and Sustainability / Kurumsal Yönetim ve Sürdürebilirlik

Brand Design and Management/ Marka Tasarımı ve Yönetimi

Sales and Relationship Management / Satış ve İlişki Yönetimi

Quantitative Methods for Managers / Yöneticiler için Kantitatif Yöntemler

Financial Planning / Finansal Planlama




The course program consists of 12 courses, including 6 compulsory and 6 elective courses, and a term project. Through the elective courses students will be able to improve themselves in finance and accounting, marketing and brand management, management skills, and general skills regarding business administration. The structure of the program that addresses the rising young generation of new family businesses will facilitate the process of using negotiation, case studies and real life applications during the courses.

The general observed trend in family businesses is the fact that young generation is brought into the business in early ages, gains experience through working in diverse areas of the business and thus specialize according to their own capabilities and the preferences of the business.

Considering this fact, the courses are designed to make this young generation, who mostly came from fields other than the main subject area of the family owned company, gain basic information in terms of business administration, support them with necessary tools to transfer these qualifications to their own businesses.

Just as in the other programs of Izmir University of Economics, a modern approach to business management is applied in this program. The University defines this approach as “innovative approach, brand building skills” and “design thinking”.

Below, a short information about the compulsory courses and general approach of the University to elective courses is defined.

Compulsory Courses

The compulsory courses of the program are Economics for Business, Design Thinking and Innovation, Introduction to Business, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management, Legal Environment of Business and a Term Project.


Economics for Business

The aim of this course is to make managers develop a basic economic approach that they can use while making decisions. With this aim, micro and macro economic principles and how these principles may help businesses in their financial decisions will be addressed during the courses.


Design Thinking and Innovation

Design thinking first requires the abondance of traditional thinking while analyzing the business processes. This course allows students to understand the corporations and businesses as a whole including internal and external environments and teach them how to use design thinking as a tool in new design processes and renovation of the old processes. This course also provides students skills of how to use design thinking as a part of planning and application tool for a better product, service, organization and environment.


Introduction to Business

The aim of tis course is to systematically investigate the structures and functions of corporations and the individuals and groups inside those corporations. The basic subjects include the convenience of employees and their job duties, corporate design and performance criteria and good practices in corporations.



Enterpreneurship is one of the factors that brings added value in the new economic system.This course aims to increase the awareness of students about entrepreneurship and inform them about applications they may use throughout their carreers. It is also planned to support this course by KOSGEB and practically applied entrepreneurship education and those students who succesfully complete the course will be given certificates. With this certificate, students may also be supported by KOSGEB for their entrepreneurship initiatives. Those who complete this course will be aware of where and when an entrepreneurship idea is useful, make business plan  and business model, can apply market research methods, make financial planning and production planning, and present it effectively and efficiently.


Strategic Management

The aim of this course is to discuss how diverse business functions might be integrated in a changing economic environment and how managers might use these in short and long term business decisions.  Aside from this, main subjects will also include basic principals of corporate development and innovation and discussions about firm applications for effective strategy development.


Legal Environment of Business

Basic principals of the legal system of businesses will be the main subject of this course. Basic principals about code of obligations, commercial law, intellectual property law, business law and social security law will be among the subject areas of this course.


Term Project

One of the conditions of graduating from this program is preparing a Term Project. Each student, together with the assigned advisor, should write a Term project suitable to his/her own subject area that aims to solve a defined problem. From this year on, the selected projects will also be presented in a platform.

Field Electives

Field electives of the program includes sub categories of accounting and finance, management and organization, marketing and operations management. Students should take 4 field electives. During 2015-2016 and on, field electives include courses of Accounting and Finance, Organizational Behavior and Organization Theory, Organizational Politics and Leadership, Marketing for Managers, and Lean Operations Management. Field electives are all designed to give the students basic skills and information in the related field. All the courses will be practically applied considering the necessities of family businesses. For instance, in Accounting and Finance course, basic financial accounting and finance concepts will be addressed.  How accounting system works, and the role of accounting information on business decisions will be adressed instead of  how accounting records should be done. Similarly, in finance field,time value of money,  financial ratios, financial markets will be discussed starting from the basic financial concepts and working capital and capital budgeting will be analyzed. In organizational behavior, human behavior in businesses, basic concepts of organization theory will be analyzed also through taking into account the dynamics of family businesses. This course, in which potential family conflicts of communication will be also addressed, is also completed by a group of elective courses such as organizational politics and leadership.

Once the program is active, other elective courses might be added to the program considering the demands of our shareholders and the improvements in the business sector.

General Electives

The general electives of the program is listed under the Program Structure.

Our main attitude is to allow our students take the courses they choose. As long as there is a  certain amount of student, we also take into account elective course demands of our students with internal or external academic support.

As visible in the list, our general elective courses including communication and negotiation skills, project management, family constitution, corporate management course aimed to ensure the sustainability of the family businesses will continue to expand in the future.