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Which MBA program?

We provide our students with the skills to help them succeed in confronting challenging demands of businesses and society.

Spring Semester Schedule

Please see this link to find out course and module schedules of all masters and Ph.D. level classes offered at our School in Spring 2018-2019.

Non-Degree Students

We are able to admit students who meet the terms stated in the regulation under Non-Degree Student status up until the day the courses begin. Read more »


Why Study at IUE?

• 15 years of experience in MBA programs
• Flexible pogram duration from 10 months to 16 months
• Entirely modular Executive MBA program with Harvard Case Method pedagogy
• Distance MBA programs to overcome temporal and spatial limitations
• Research oriented world class Ph.D. Programs
• English medium of instruction
• Tuition fees are paid per credit
• Rich in-class interactivity: Our students have an average of 3 years of work experience and 70% work in full time jobs 
• Full range of courses and seminars
• International mobility opportunities
• International faculty and studets from Europe, America and Asia, allowing for vast social and professional networks 


It is upto you how you would like to fill your business card, we here in our Business School aim to achieve our mission of providing our students with the skills that help them succeed in confronting and managing the demands of the challenging and often conflicting demands of the business world and society at large. Recent financial crises accentuated the need for trustable leaders who instigate public condence. Hence, necessary qualications for these leaders are twofold: technical knowledge and ethically responsible behavior. Our learning models emphasize entrepreneurship,critical and analytical thinking ethical behavior, social and environmental awareness as well as providing theoretical and practical knowledge both at graduate and undergraduate levels.

Thus, we believe that our graduates are well-suited to undertake the evolving needs of global society and making a difference in their respective future.

IUE Business School is among top 10 business and economics schools according to HT Bloomberg's 2015 list