Graduate School of Business

Application documents

Application Documents for Turkish Citizen Candidates

Applications take place online at the time specified in the academic calendar.  

The listed documents below will have to be submitted online.

You will be asked to submit the originals at final registration.


  1. Diploma (.pdf / .jpeg)
  2. Transcript (.pdf / .jpeg)
  3. Passport picture (.jpeg)
  4. ID Card (.pdf / .jpeg)
  5. References (entries will be made on the application screen.)
  6. Statement of Purpose (.doc)
  7. Proficiency in English document (for those applying for programs in English) (.pdf / .jpeg)
  8. ALES Document (for programs with thesis) (.pdf / .jpeg)
  9. Military Service Document for Male Students (needs to be submitted at Final Registration)
  10. Discount Document (If applicable) (needs to be submitted at Final Registration.)