Graduate School of Business


The University admits graduate students twice a year in Fall and Spring semesters. Dates for applications, registration and such are announced on the academic calendar at the beginning of each academic year and done accordingly. However, aside from the dates specified on the academic calendar, we are able to admit students who meet the terms stated in the regulation under Non-degree Student status up until the day the courses begin.

Who is a Non-degree Student?

The respective regulation article about Non-degree Student states:  

“Those, who are graduates or students of a higher education institution, and want to further their education on a specific subject, may take graduate program courses on special student status upon the approval of the respective department.“

So far we admitted non-degree students for following reasons:

  • There were those who were very busy at work and hesitated about the course load of graduate degree, so they took a few courses.
  • Then, there were those who enjoyed courses the program offered even though they did not want to get a graduate degree and asked if they could take those courses. They were indeed allowed to take those courses and they decided to continue.
  • There was a group of those who suspected the quality of the graduate programs, they also took some courses and they, too, decided to continue.
  • Some had a possibility of going to another city, but it turned out that they stayed after the registrations were over. They took some courses, and also continued.
  • We also had number of individuals who decided to take courses after hearing about how their friends were pleased about the program, but somehow missed the registration date. They took some courses, and continued.

You might want to join us based on reasons above or etc. We will be happy to admit you under Non-degree Student status.

What about the status of the courses?

“...A transcript, showing the courses they have registered in, and the grades they have received, can be given to them on demand...”

It really does not matter in the class whether you are a regular or a non-degree student. Everyone taking the course is a student. Non-degree students will be issued transcripts just like other students when they meet the requirements of the course.

But surely “...This document does not stand for diploma or show any academic degree.”

How many courses can be taken?

The regulation does not specify a limit on this. However, if there will be more than a few courses, it is better to enroll as a graduate student in the next registration period. Furthermore, courses taken as a non-degree student may be counted as graduate courses later on specific conditions.

How many courses taken on non-degree student status can be exempt when enrolled in graduate program later on?

The respective article states the following;

“When non-degree students enroll to graduate programs as regular students later on, they can get the courses accepted in graduate program that they took on non-degree status student providing that the credits of those courses are equivalent to no more than 40% of the total credits of the courses required by the graduate program, with the decision of the Graduate School Administrative Board, and they are included in the grade point average”

However, 40% calculation needs to be done for each graduate program.

For example, there are total of 30 local credit modules in Executive MBA Program. Students can be exempt for 12 credit (taking 1 or 2 credit modules to add up to 12 credits) module course taken and succeeded as a non-degree student. 

There are 12 courses (30 credits) in MBA or E-MBA programs, therefore, total of 4 courses (each course 3 credits) taken as a non-degree student can be exempt. 

We can assure you that all non-degree students later on became regular graduate students.

What are the fees and discounts?

Non-degree students pay the same amount of fee just like regular students for each course depending on the course credits. They also benefit from the same discounts just like other students do.

When to apply as a non-degree student?

Courses in Executive MBA Program are in modules (1 or 2 weeks), so students need to follow when each module begins on our website and apply to take the respective course as a non-degree student before it begins.  

As for other programs, since the courses continue for whole semester, they need to apply to take the respective course as a non-degree student in the beginning of the semester before the course begins. 

What documents are required to apply?

Based on the condition in the regulation, “...who are graduates or students of a higher education institution...” the applicants need to submit a certified photocopy of their diploma, or student ID card (for those who are still students), certified photocopy of their picture ID card, statement of purpose, 2 passport size photos, and receipt for courses to be taken.  

What are the student rights for non-degree students?

The respective article of the regulation states, “Non-degree students are not regarded as the students of the University and they cannot benefit from the rights of the students.”