Graduate School of Business

Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

2018-2019 Academic Calender hasn't been announced yet. 

Our school offers regular MBA, Executive MBA and Distance (e-)MBA programs addressing different needs and audiences, and therefore their content is different. For a comparison please see

All our MBA programs are non-thesis programs. The purpose of non-thesis graduate programs is to enable the student to achieve in depth knowledge of occupational matters, and to illustrate how to apply existing knowledge into practice.

Ideally, students who want to pursue an academic career are recommended programs with thesis, whereas students who want to continue with their professional life, are recommended non-thesis programs. Graduates of non-thesis programs can not apply for Doctoral Programs at Turkish universities with their-non thesis diplomas.

Candidates for non-thesis programs are not required to take ALES. Ph.D. candidates are required to take ALES or other graduate exams (such as GMAT or GRE). 

The application calender hasn't been announced yet. 

Our MBA program is specially designed for non-business undegraduates. Therefore having a degree from another area is actually an advantage to be accepted to the MBA programs.

Work experience is not a requirement for MBA programs other than MBA for Executives. MBA courses are designed by considering that the students have no work experience.

Sure, it is possible to attend a class to see the environment in our campus. A prior notification to the program coordinator will be helpful to choose the most appropriate date and class.


25 US Dollars for foreign applicants. 

Foreign students should apply to Office of International Office.

You are recommended to take all of the courses opened in order to prevent a loss of semester. Failure to take all of the courses opened may cause a possibility of not completing the program on time. However, if you are unable to take all of the offered courses due to personal reasons, it is good to take the compulsory courses primarily.

Yes, all courses are compulsory for all students. We provide no exemption for any course.


According to Higher Ecucation Council's announced law in April 2016, maximum length for completing the non-thesis master programs is three semesters; for master programs with thesis students can take their courses up to 4 semester and after they should take their thesis courses within 2 semesters.

The students need to renew registration by approving the courses on the system, which are deemed suitable by the advisor, during the designated dates. Students, who do not renew registration during the designated period, cannot attend courses. 

You cannot graduate from the Graduate School of Business unless you take compulsory courses and complete them on time, however you may take another elective course instead of an elective course. 

Course schedules for graduate programs are announced on the school web page,, at the beginning of each semester.

Time schedule of Graduate School of Business programs:

  • MBA's and Master of Finance programs are conducting between 18:30- 21:30 on every weekday,
  • Online MBA programs are conducting between 20:00- 21:30 on every weekday,
  • Executive MBA programs are conducting two days within weekdays between 18:30-21:30 (or 18:30-22:20) and on Saturdays between 10:00-17:00,
  • PhD courses are conducting as full time program.

Every student create their own schedules according the courses that they wanted to choose.

Attendance is one of the essential requirements of higher education regulation in the country. Therefore students should attend at least 70% of the classes of a specific course. This also applies to e-MBA programs, as students' participation is monitored on the system. Moreover, teamwork based weekly assignments and class presentations strongly encourage maximum attendance to the classes.

Passing grade for courses in graduate programs is CC, and for Ph.D. programs is CB.

The minimum cumulative grade point average required to graduate from graduate programs and doctoral programs is 3.00. Students below this average need to retake courses and raise their cumulative grade point average to start thesis; students of graduate programs without thesis may graduate by retaking courses. 

Students registered to Non-Thesis Graduate programs start to take semester project course at the 2rd semester in addition to other courses. Students are evaluated as “Successful” or “Unsuccessful” at this non-credited course. The instructor of the course conduct this course, based on the subject of the project along with the student he/she provides advising to. Each student needs to submit a report regarding the semester project to his/her advisor at the end of the semester. Each student needs to submit his/her semester project to his/her advisor at the end of the semester. The semester project needs to be prepared in accordance with the project thesis writing rules specified by the Graduate School.

Student, who wants his/her advisor to be changed, files a petition. The Graduate School is informed with a written notification if the Head of the Departments of the Graduate School approves of the decision. If the Graduate School Administrative Board approves the decision, the advisor is changed officially.

Students in preparation class receive a total of 20 hours of instruction on week days between 18.30 and 21.30, and on Saturdays on 9.00-14.00. At the end of each semester, a Proficiency in English Exam is administered, and students who get the passing grade may start the graduation program following semester.

Graduate Schools Student Affairs Directorate provides you a student certificate after making sure that you renewed registration and pay for your course fees. Special students are not issued student certificates.

Graduate School Administrative Board may defer registration up to two semesters with the decision of the Board for students in graduate programs on justified and valid reasons such as illness (self and immediate family members), birth, natural disasters, compulsory military service, change of location of work on the condition that the reason is certifiable.