Ms in Finance

Recent global financial crisis has significantly changed the financial landscape while paving the way to question the current knowledge where financial markets and players operate and rely on. Increase in the diversity and the complexity of new financial instruments essentially requires a redesigned program equipped with recent techniques and knowledge that aims to meet the requirements of this new era.The Master`s program in Finance is now redesigned to respond this new era by contributing the program participants (academicians and finance professionals) who wish to have a theoretical and practical background for an efficient analysis and expert solution of the financial issues.

Supported by main finance courses, the program also presents a unique blend of courses such as corporate finance, bank financial management, quantitative methods in finance, insurance management, risk management, financial modeling, analysis for financial decision and performance, investment analysis and portfolio management and basic derivative products.Master in Finance program consists of core elements which ensure the students to participate actively in the learning process.   Among them case studies, group work, term-papers, compulsory presentations before audience, building empirical models by using real data can be counted. The course participants are also expected to have a broad and analytical perspective to perceive and find out the problems both in their current tasks or prospective job opportunities.